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Painting Your Interior Brick

There’s a lot to love about exposed brick. It adds color and texture, and sometimes even a little bit of history. In houses, exposed brick can be charmingly traditional. And of course, exposed brick walls in high-ceiling apartments is a chic staple of the urban North East….

What to Know About Wallpaper Removal

The only time painting over wallpaper is recommended is if you’re working with improperly installed wallpaper on extremely old plaster or drywall that might be damaged by wallpaper removal….

What to Look For in a Professional Painting Company

A lot more goes into a successful painting job than getting the right color onto the walls. Sure, evenly-applied color and sharp edges are important, but they’re certainly not all there is to it. You want your project done in a reasonable amount of time with no headaches….

Update Your Kitchen with Freshly Painted Cabinets

If your kitchen isn’t looking its best, you may be considering some major revamping—but you’re probably not too excited about the price tag. New appliances, lighting, or countertops are sure to make a bang, but they don’t come cheap. A much more affordable way to get major impact without breaking the bank is painting your cabinets….

How to Make Your Exterior Paint Last

A fresh exterior paint job doesn’t just add curb appeal—done right, it can help protect your home from potentially expensive problems like mold and rot. In most climates, it’s recommended you invest in a professional exterior paint job every five to ten years, depending on the severity of recent weather….

Painting Your Garage Floor

Block party season is right around the corner. Cars are being washed, lawns are getting mowed, kids are dusting off their shin guards and t-ball bats, and grills are fired up. As you’re prepping your yard and driveway for the summer, it’s understandable that you may be mentally blocking out your garage: for many, it’s the junk drawer of the house, cluttered with holiday decorations, old camping equipment, and who knows what else. …

Myths About Molding

When it comes to pulling a room together, color isn’t everything. Molding adds an architectural touch that can make a room look truly finished—it makes wall color pop, and is a long-time favorite in interior design blogs and magazines….

What’s Up with Ceilings?

When it comes to home improvement, it may not occur to you to look up. Ceilings often get neglected because the options seem so limited. Changing the shape of your ceiling is major construction—expensive, if it’s even architecturally possible at all. Retexturing is doable, but messy, difficult, and sometimes dangerous….

Our Top Three Colors of the Year

It’s 2019 and designers are losing their minds for Living Coral. A manifestation of this year’s maximalism trend, this anything-but-shy shade is luxuriously full of life. The saturated golden pink packs a punch, so use it to energize: wake up a sleepy entryway, cheer up a dreary bathroom, or brighten a kitchen…

A Beginner’s Guide To Accent Walls

It’s that time of year: spring cleaning! As you’re asking yourself which items spark joy for you, give some thought to your walls. Clearing away clutter can provide the opportunity to enjoy the architecture of your space, and an accent wall is a great way to enhance it….

Power Washing: The Basics

If you Google “power washing,” you’re likely to fall down a rabbit hole of wildly satisfying videos. Power washing footage tends to get plenty of clicks, because it’s a bit like witnessing magic—a wand is pointed, and voilá, the mess is gone! The ease with which grime and stains are lifted is seductive—the pros make it look so simple. But before you run out and rent a pressure washer, there are some things you need to know….

The Best Ways to Use Painters Tape

A fresh coat of paint can be an easy and inexpensive way to makeover a room without the cost or commitment of a furniture splurge. Almost anyone can do a basic interior paint job with professional-looking results, and while accidents do happen, most DIY painting horror stories can be chalked up to either a lack of preparation, or improper preparation….

Hypoallergenic Solutions for Fume-Sensitive Folks

For allergy and asthma sufferers, the prospect of a fresh paint job may bring some anxieties. We know the paint industry has caught up to much higher environmental and health standards than were seen in the past. But the smell of wet paint still brings questions: what exactly are those fumes, and are they dangerous? The quick answer is: usually, no….

Guide to 2017’s Trending Paint Colors

“You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.” – Mark Twain The winter months have faded to the past, making way for new ideas and creativity in 2017. The paint industry has started a year of innovation with each manufacturer featuring their new Color of the Year. The days of white and grays are being replaced with sophisticated hues and dusky colors. Just as the Spring brings back color and life, let this list be a springboard when picking your newest colors in an upcoming paint project. Let’s have a look at the trending colors of 2017…

What to Expect – A Paint Project In Five Steps

Painting your space, inside or out, can be a big project that conjures up images of drop cloths and masking tape, ladders, paint cans, brushes, sprayers and rollers. What can you expect when you book a job with West Coast Tropical Painting? In this post we’ll explain the five steps we take in any painting project along with tips you can use to be prepared for a professional painting experience. Step 1 – The Estimate Once you contact us the first step is to schedule your in-home estimate with one of our experienced project managers. We work with your schedule…

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